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Implementing Microsoft 365 Copilot

- 12 min read-Rubén Toribio
Microsoft 365 Copilot offers benefits that can significantly enhance productivity and efficiency within an organization. However, it is essential to consider the potential challenges and costs associated with its implementation and ongoing use. This article provides Copilot use cases, key considerations, pros, cons, and customization with Copilot Studio.

5 Advantages to Using Azure Firewall Over Azure Network Security Groups

- 9 min read-Denny Cherry
Network security in Microsoft Azure can be handled either by Network Security Groups, which is free, or Azure Firewall, which is a paid feature. Azure Firewall is often worth it for its ability to more granularly manage network traffic. In this article, I cover the advantages of Azure Firewall to help you decide whether it’s worth the investment for your organization.

OneDrive GPO: AutoStart After Signing in to Windows

- 6 min read-Hans Brender
The OneDrive group policy "Start OneDrive automatically when signing in to Windows" has been highly anticipated among administrators. Enabling this feature ensures synchronization is consistently active, preventing conflicts with outdated files. This policy, controllable through the registry, streamlines user experience and promotes collaboration.

Designing a Delegation Model in Active Directory, Part 4

- 1 min read-Mahdi Tehrani
This is part 4 of “Designing a delegation model in Active Directory”. In this video, Mahdi explains how to proceed to perform the mirroring of Access Control Lists (ACLs) using the newly created groups. By mirroring ACL, we mean to assign the same delegation the users had but this time instead of relying on old groups or using the direct delegation, it is done using the created groups we created in part 3 of this series. Mahdi also explains that the cleanup needs to be done in order to remove the old unwanted ACLs.

Data Loss Prevention Strategies in Microsoft 365

- 9 min read-Liam Cleary
Microsoft 365 provides robust Data Loss Prevention (DLP) strategies to prevent unauthorized access, misuse, or transfer of sensitive data. Microsoft 365's user-friendly interface simplifies the management of DLP policies. Customized DLP policies created using the compliance center classify data based on sensitivity, communicate guidelines organization-wide, and adapt to evolving data protection needs. In this article, learn guidelines about steps to take before you create DLP policies, which goals to set, and define success criteria, then learn tips for how to create DLP policies and how to roll them out.

How to Use Message Trace to Track Microsoft 365 Emails

- 15 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This “how to” article teaches you how to run a message trace to generate reports on undelivered emails using the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center and Windows PowerShell. It also gives steps to investigate why a message failed and how to fix the issue.

The Attack That Got Us to This Point and the Next One Coming

- 5 min read-Erik Ruthruff
I vividly remember working for a company when we had a ransomware attack and everything shifted. We weren't one of those big companies you read about in the news, but wow did it feel significant at the time. "Those companies" that failed to be secure became "us." Years later, I find myself in the role of an M365 Admin and we have everything in the cloud, and I realize AI tools could aid in making something like that happen again. I'll make an effort to learn to prevent it by attending this webinar. Join me, won't you?

Guardians of M365 Governance, "Best Practices for Copilot and Purview Governance"

- 1 min read-Erik Ruthruff
For the February 20, 2024, live broadcast of Guardians of M365 Governance, co-hosts Ragnar Heil (@ragnarh) and Christian Buckley (@buckleyplanet) will discuss "Best Practices for Copilot and Purview Governance" with M365 and Azure MVP and Microsoft Regional Director Raphael Koellner (@Ra_Koellner), known for his expertise in Microsoft 365 security and compliance, to discuss the best practices for Copilot governance leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft Purview.

OneDrive: Start Native Apps From the Browser

- 6 min read-Hans Brender
This article explains the capability to launch native apps directly from the browser using OneDrive or SharePoint Online. Microsoft’s Open in app functionality, which facilitates seamless editing of files stored in the cloud, bridges the gap between browser-based work and legacy applications. Integration with Microsoft Teams enhances productivity, with offline functionality anticipated in future updates.

Maximizing Efficiency and Innovation With Power Automate

- 8 min read-Rubén Toribio
This article provides best practices for Power Automate to maximize efficiency and drive innovation in workflow automation. Learn how using trigger filters, implementing custom connectors, maintaining logs of workflow activities and errors, running parallel branching, using Microsoft Graph API, and more can help ensure more streamlined and effective workflow automation.

SharePoint Deep Dive, February 2024: Thoughts About SharePoint Embedded and SharePoint Premium

- 3 min read-Christian Buckley
This show was the first "Deep Dive" episode brought to you by TekkiGurus, where a collection of Microsoft 365 Community experts peel back the layers of Microsoft's platforms and features. This episode is an all-encompassing look at the latest SharePoint announcements, focusing on SharePoint Embedded and SharePoint Premium.

TekkiTalk With Fabian Williams and Brian Alderman: Participating in the Microsoft Tech Community

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guests Fabian Williams and Brian Alderman. Fabian Williams is a senior program manager on the Microsoft Graph team. Brian is an independent consultant, also with experience as an MVP. The conversation highlights the international and diverse nature of tech communities, emphasizing mutual respect and support. They discuss the importance of sharing knowledge, mentoring, and participating in the tech community, encouraging others to find their own voice and be authentic in their contributions.