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OneDrive: Use Files On-Demand - with Convenience Options

- 14 min read-Hans Brender
The article discusses using OneDrive's "Files On-Demand" feature, implemented in Windows, which allows displaying files in Explorer without taking up space locally. This article describes convenience and group policy usage for efficient file management. The article also discusses storage optimization settings (Storage Sense) and PowerShell commands an admin can use to change attributes for files.

Microsoft Teams Introduces Custom Storage App Control

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
Starting early April 2024, Teams admins will be able to switch the default storage app for file uploads from Microsoft OneDrive and SharePoint Online to a third-party provider of their choice. This means that when admins upload local files using drag-and-drop in Teams chat and channel conversations, they'll automatically land in their preferred storage solution. Learn more.

OneDrive Group Policy: Offline Mode

- 8 min read-Hans Brender
Unlock productivity with #OneDriveOfflineMode, empowering users to work seamlessly offline. Enhanced performance and accessibility ensure uninterrupted workflow, while robust security measures safeguard your data. Admins can enforce policies to manage offline access effectively. Explore #OneDriveGroupPolicy for streamlined implementation and optimization. Enable, test, train, and customize policies for tailored organizational needs.

OneDrive for the Web Empowers You to Create with Templates!

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
Learn how Microsoft is enhancing the file creation experience in OneDrive for the web. This includes introducing a treasure trove of templates in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. You can also decide where your new files will be stored.

Managing Teams Transcript Files in OneDrive for Business

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
Starting in April 2024, Teams will begin saving meeting transcript files exclusively in OneDrive for Business for transcription-only meetings. You'll no longer have to juggle between OneDrive and Exchange Online to access your transcripts – everything you need will be conveniently located in one place. Learn more.

Unlocking Your Cloud Potential: Embrace M365 with Confidence!

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
Get insights on migration to Microsoft 365 from a Microsoft 365 consultant including preparation, adoption strategies, and license considerations.

OneDrive GPO: AutoStart After Signing in to Windows

- 6 min read-Hans Brender
The OneDrive group policy "Start OneDrive automatically when signing in to Windows" has been highly anticipated among administrators. Enabling this feature ensures synchronization is consistently active, preventing conflicts with outdated files. This policy, controllable through the registry, streamlines user experience and promotes collaboration.

A Personal Journey to a Secure and Productive Digital Workspace!

- 4 min read-Rene Vlieger
Managing your Microsoft 365 environment effectively isn't just about ticking off some boxes; it's about fostering a secure and productive digital workspace that aligns with your organization's goals. This post contains best practices I've found valuable for ensuring my Microsoft 365 tenant runs smoothly.

OneDrive: Start Native Apps From the Browser

- 6 min read-Hans Brender
This article explains the capability to launch native apps directly from the browser using OneDrive or SharePoint Online. Microsoft’s Open in app functionality, which facilitates seamless editing of files stored in the cloud, bridges the gap between browser-based work and legacy applications. Integration with Microsoft Teams enhances productivity, with offline functionality anticipated in future updates.

On the First Day of Christmas, The Waffle Brings to Me...Everything Wrapped up in Microsoft Teams! 

- 7 min read-Shari Oswald
You know you've got the whole package tied up with a big shiny bow when you use Microsoft Teams. Read all about it in this twelfth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

On the Second Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...My Files in the Cloud

- 7 min read-Shari Oswald
Whether it's photos of your holiday feast, trip journals from your great adventures, or videos of holiday fun, you can organize your work--even if it's business-related--in OneNote. Read all about it in this eleventh installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

OneDrive GPO: Set the Sync App Update Ring

- 4 min read-Hans Brender
Explore OneDrive Group Policy's role in managing synchronization app updates through three rings—Insider, Production, and Deferred. This policy, configurable via Group Policy mechanism, impacts update deployment intervals and ensures consistent configurations across devices.