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Protecting Service Accounts in Active Directory from Cyberattacks

- 7 min read-Derek Melber
Service accounts are essential for Active Directory service and application support. With such high privileges, service accounts are often leveraged in cyberattacks, which requires them to be secured.

5 Ways to Track and Measure Productivity in Microsoft 365

- 9 min read-Christian Buckley
By focusing on five key areas, organizations can harness the full potential of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and cultivate continual improvement. In a digital-first world, understanding and optimizing digital productivity is a critical component of an organization's strategic toolkit. Tracking and measuring digital productivity is key to remaining agile, competitive, and future-ready in our evolving business landscape.

Simplified Sharing

- 4 min read-Hans Brender
Now rolling out everywhere, Microsoft has tried to simplify the sharing experience in Windows, OneDrive, SharePoint, etc. The experience used to vary significantly depending on which product you started with, but now is it easier to share folders and files? Generally, yes. But changes to some default settings don't seem to have a GUI.

How to Create Microsoft Forms Notifications in Under 15 Minutes Using Power Automate

- 11 min read-Lindsay Shelton
A common complaint about Microsoft Forms is that the notifications built into the application aren’t helpful or reliable. There's a quick solution. Learn how to build a simple, but powerful, Power Automate flow and send email notifications or Teams notifications, when someone fills out a form.

Create a Purchase Quote and Convert to an Order - Dynamics 365 Business Central

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
This video shows how to create a purchase quote in Dynamics 365 Business Central and then convert it to an order.

Machine Learning Workflow Review

- 10 min read-Rahat Yasir
This fourth article in this series, "Tech Leaders’ Journey to AI Using Azure Machine Learning Platform,” describes the general machine learning workflow where I’ll explain end-to-end steps to train, test, and evaluate a machine learning model. The list of other articles in the series are listed at the end and, as the series is published, the articles will have links to each other.

OneDrive: Delete and Restore

- 10 min read-Hans Brender
OneDrive for Business permits unparalleled flexibility in collaborative editing, but there are a few catches when it comes to deleting and restoring shared files. This article walks through what happens when a file is deleted and details the right way to restore a file with full versioning history.

How to Use AI in Power Automate aka Copilot

- 5 min read-Giuliano De Luca
AI (Copilot) is now integrated in Power Automate and takes working with the editor in Power Automate to the next level. The new AI-powered designer increases usability and accelerates productivity. You can now navigate your flow using a mini map. In this article and video, I'll show you all the new capabilities.

Run Your Events the Right Way With Dynamics 365 Marketing — Part 2

- 7 min read-Dilyana Radulova
The second in a series on the event management capabilities of Dynamics 365 Marketing. The software offers event execution and post-event tools such as event websites and registration, social media event advertising, personalized email design, multi-channel event campaigns, real-time customer experience, on-site event management, customer feedback collection, and analytics and insights.

Making Microsoft Search Results Your Own With Custom Verticals

- 5 min read-Virgil Carroll
Custom verticals in Microsoft Search enhance search precision within an organization's environment. This article walks readers through the strategy, process, and potential pitfalls around using custom verticals in their own organizations and helps provide a roadmap for success.

Microsoft Renames Azure AD to Microsoft Entra ID

- 3 min read-Brian Alderman
Microsoft announced that they will rename Azure AD (AAD) to Entra ID in their attempt to reflect the progression of modern multicloud identity security, eventually simplify secure access for all Microsoft 365 users, and to provide naming consistency for identity and access solutions. Why make this change? What isn’t changing?

Managing Microsoft 365 with the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

- 8 min read-Liam Cleary
Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK can streamline your workflow and improve your overall efficiency in managing Microsoft 365. Here, we cover Graphs’s PowerShell SDK setup, authentication, and various administrative tasks, such as managing users, groups, mail, calendars, and Microsoft Teams.

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