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Quick Tricks to Make Your Power BI Model Smaller, More Efficient and Definitely Faster

- 14 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Is your Power BI Desktop model slow or too big? Learn some quick tricks to reduce the size and memory usage of your Power BI model.

Productivity Tip: Automatic Suggestions for Alt Text in Word & PowerPoint

- 3 min read-Christian Buckley
One piece of metadata people often neglect is alt text. Luckily, Microsoft 365's AI makes it easier than ever to make sure all your images have it.

Document Processing in Microsoft 365

- 9 min read-Haniel Croitoru
Globally, every human creates at least 1.7 MB of data every second. At this rate, over 200 zettabytes (200,000,000 gigabytes) of data is expected to be stored in the cloud infrastructure by 2025. One way to provide users with the ability to categorize and tag content is by using document processing software.

5 Recommendations to Secure Identities in the Cloud

- 10 min read-Dwayne Natwick
In this article, you’ll learn about five recommendations that you can secure your identities in the cloud. They all work together and there is not one that is better than the others.

Auditing Your OneDrive for Business Sharing Using Power Platform

- 9 min read-Haniel Croitoru
Learn how to audit your corporate data shared in OneDrive for Business so it doesn’t become someone else’s data due to needless sharing. Use Power Flow and Power Apps to list which files are shared and who they are shared with.

Microsoft Viva, a Virtual Onboarding Buddy

- 3 min read-Lesley Crook
In this article, learn about the major features in the Microsoft Viva Suite for E3 and E5 licenses that HR can use to help the new hire onboarding process.

Practical Pointers for Retention Labels and Policies in Microsoft 365

- 7 min read-Joanne Klein
Benefit from Joanne Klein’s practical pointers when configuring retention label and policies with the Data Lifecycle Management and Records Management features in Microsoft Purview. These will make ongoing administrative support easier, improve the end-user experience, and may also save future re-work.

5 Steps to Synchronize Microsoft Teams with File Explorer

- 4 min read-Curtis Norman
Microsoft Teams facilitates various functions. Some of these functions include instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. This article offers step-by-step instructions to set up synchronization between Microsoft Teams and File Explorer. You can use this to improve collaboration and file sharing with others using Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Metaverse for Business

- 13 min read-Vesa Nopanen
Users of Microsoft Teams will soon experience the metaverse for business and can use avatars generated by Microsoft Mesh in Teams. This article explores where enterprise users can use easy-to-implement and low-code solutions with machine learning and AI to help make decisions and automate user and customer experiences.

How Viva Insights Can Protect Employee Wellbeing and Why You Should Care

- 10 min read-Kathleen Beedim
Viva Insights is a built-in tool for Microsoft 365 that can help protect employee wellbeing. This article explores how individuals, managers and leaders can use Viva Insights to address issues of burnout and meeting fatigue, and promote a healthier work-life balance.

Unleashing the Power of SharePoint Online with the SharePoint Framework

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Companies can use SharePoint Framework (SPFX) to build modern, responsive web parts and extensions to streamline development processes and enhance user experience. Learn when to build a web part or an extension (or older SharePoint Add-ins) and find resources to get started.

Microsoft Viva Suite: An Overview of Services and Features

- 7 min read-Sven Seidenberg
Microsoft Viva offers a broad variety of apps and services tackling current challenges of organizations. Viva delivers services from knowledge management (Viva Topics), communications (Viva Connections & Viva Engage), work behavior (Viva Insights) and even sales (Viva Sales). Get up to speed with this overview of the current status and how to get started!