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Delegation and Least Privilege in Entra ID, Part 2

- 1 min read-Mahdi Tehrani
In this video I use the main concepts that I discussed to implement a delegation model in Entra ID. This implementation includes Dynamic Groups, Dynamic Administrative Units, Custom Roles and putting them all together to create the model.

5 Advantages to Using Azure Firewall Over Azure Network Security Groups

- 9 min read-Denny Cherry
Network security in Microsoft Azure can be handled either by Network Security Groups, which is free, or Azure Firewall, which is a paid feature. Azure Firewall is often worth it for its ability to more granularly manage network traffic. In this article, I cover the advantages of Azure Firewall to help you decide whether it’s worth the investment for your organization.

Azure OpenAI in Action

- 7 min read-Jannik Reinhard
Dive into the exciting world of Azure Open AI! This article breaks down how Microsoft is changing the game with AI, making it super user-friendly for businesses. Learn how you can start and what use cases will have high benefits.

Data Security in AI Development: Best Practices with Azure OpenAI

- 10 min read-Rubén Toribio
This article discusses the importance of data security in artificial intelligence (AI) development, the risks involved, and best practices with Azure OpenAI. It also delves into advanced techniques to help protect AI-driven systems and data integrity.

Power Platform Connectors Publishing, Certification, and Deployment

- 34 min read-Eric Shupps
The article outlines how creators of Power Platform custom connectors can share their connectors around the globe using Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. It details the structured certification process, from packaging and validating connectors to conform with Microsoft's guidelines, to documenting and submitting these for inclusion in the official connector gallery. The process, while technical and geared towards professional developers, is accessible to those willing to learn the necessary command-line utilities.

Microsoft AZ-900 Exam Preparation: Mastering Azure Fundamentals

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Embark on your Azure journey with the AZ-900 exam. This guide provides an in-depth look at the exam structure, preparation strategies, and resources to master Azure fundamentals and pave your way in the cloud technology world.

Azure OpenAI QuickStart Guide

- 10 min read-Eric Thomas
Join me in this concise video tutorial where I demonstrate how to deploy a new Azure OpenAI resource within an existing Resource Group. Watch as I deploy two powerful language models, GPT-4 Turbo and GPT-3.5 Turbo, and then walk you through a quick setup in the Azure AI Studio Chat Playground. By the end, you'll learn how to configure and interact with these models to harness the power of Azure's AI capabilities for your applications.

Microsoft AI-900 Exam Preparation: Azure AI Fundamentals

- 8 min read-Rubén Toribio
Embark on a journey to validate your foundational knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning with the Azure AI-900: Azure AI Fundamentals exam. This certification paves the way for exploring AI workloads, machine learning principles, and Azure AI capabilities, empowering you to stay ahead in the evolving tech landscape.

Comparing AI Chat Solutions: Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Azure OpenAI

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Compare the features, benefits, and drawbacks of AI chat solutions including Bing Chat, Bing Chat Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Copilot, and Azure Open AI custom solutions. Explore how these innovative platforms use AI to transform communication and boost workflow efficiency.

Azure Services for Developers: Exploring the Key Components and Capabilities

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Dive into the world of Azure Services for developers with this insightful article. Uncover the essential components and capabilities, from Azure App Service to Cognitive Services. Explore how developers can harness these tools to build powerful applications, enhance productivity, and drive innovation in the cloud computing landscape.

Power Platform Connector Building Blocks

- 39 min read-Eric Shupps
In this third article of the "Power Platform Connectors A to Z" series, discover the basic building blocks for creating custom connector definitions, including how to use and configure OAuth, create actions, define parameters, group operations with tags, construct requests with input and output parameters, and provide examples for easier testing and validation.

Azure Cosmos DB: Scalable and Globally Distributed Database Solution

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Azure Cosmos DB enables developers to build highly responsive, scalable applications by distributing data across multiple regions. With support for multiple data models and automatic scaling, Azure Cosmos DB provides a flexible, efficient database solution for modern applications.