Designing a Delegation Model in Active Directory, Part 4

February 26, 2024
1 min read

This is part 4 of “Designing a delegation model in Active Directory”.  In this video, Mahdi explains how to proceed to perform the mirroring of Access Control Lists (ACLs) using the newly created groups. By mirroring ACL, we mean to assign the same delegation the users had but this time instead of relying on old groups or using the direct delegation, it is done using the created groups we created in part 3 of this series. Mahdi also explains that the cleanup needs to be done in order to remove the old unwanted ACLs.

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Mahdi Tehrani

Mahdi Tehrani

Mahdi Tehrani has been involved with Active Directory and Azure AD for about 10 years. He works as an IAM consultant for “iC Consult” and his fields of expertise are around anything Active Directory, PowerShell, Azure AD and identity solutions including Quest One Identity.