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Filter Lists of Records by Date Range in Dynamics 365 Business Central

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
You can use a trick in Dynamics 365 Business Central to filter any list of records by a range of dates. This video demonstrates exactly how to do this.

Importing and Exporting a List Template (.stp file) in SharePoint

- 3 min read-Shadrack Inusah
Developers want an effective way to import SharePoint data for reuse across sites and to preserve environment settings, rather than starting from scratch. In the modern experience of SharePoint, the option to upload a list template isn’t obvious. Also, when uploading, you might get a message that you don’t have access. In this technical article and video, learn how to import lists using the classic experience in the SharePoint admin center.

How to Block Microsoft 365 User Accounts Using PowerShell

- 5 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This "how-to" article teaches you how to use PowerShell to block Microsoft 365 (Office 365) user accounts in case of security threats. Besides giving you the necessary cmdlets, it also contains a 6-minute video version of the article.

Microsoft Teams and SharePoint Online Integration

- 4 min read-Brian Alderman
When you create a new team in the Microsoft Teams interface, the choice is whether to create a public or a private team. The new team creates a new SharePoint site that needs integration with Teams channels. Here’s a quick look at the settings to consider.

When and Why to Build High Availability Into Your Azure Cloud Platform

- 8 min read-Denny Cherry
Microsoft Azure offers built-in high availability for Platform as a Service (PaaS) offerings, but Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) requires manual configuration. Without high availability, service downtime can result in lost revenue. Stateless applications require a scale-out solution with load balancers, while stateful applications like database servers need HA solutions like Always On availability groups. Consider resource configuration options like availability zones or availability sets to ensure redundancy and minimize failures. High availability is crucial for optimal performance and should be carefully planned and implemented.

Manage Activities in Dynamics 365 Sales

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
In Dynamics 365 Sales, there are lots of activities you can create and manage as a user such as phone calls, emails, meetings, tasks and assignments. This video shows you some examples of how you can manage those activities.

Accessing the Newest OneDrive Versions

- 7 min read-Hans Brender
Microsoft does not currently push OneDrive insiders ring updates to clients as quickly as would be helpful. This article explains in detail the problem with OneDrive's insider updates and provides some resources for managing your OneDrive version.

Managing SharePoint Online Using PowerShell

- 7 min read-Brian Alderman
With thousands of users accessing the sites, SharePoint administrators need to intelligently manage users and groups. Learn how PowerShell integrates with SharePoint and how to generate PowerShell scripts to make bulk changes.

Understand Winget, Microsoft’s Windows Package Manager

- 9 min read-Ed Tittel
Before deploying a Windows image, cleanups applied should include obsolete or unneeded component store elements, Windows drivers, temporary files, and more. Updating and maintaining applications, apps, and API support (like .NET) can get interesting on Windows operating systems. Winget helps tame this ongoing chore and handles most updates quickly and competently. This first article of the winget series reviews winget functions and features.

Stop Using Unsecured Credentials in Your PowerShell Scripts and Use Azure Key Vault Instead

- 1 min read-Mahdi Tehrani
Some users store credentials including the password for a specific service account inside a PowerShell script in real-world production. This poses a highly vulnerable issue where an attacker can simply grab the credentials and use them. In this video, I discuss how we can use a privileged credential in your PowerShell script in a more secure way using a certificate and Azure Key Vault.

Building Windows Boot Media

- 9 min read-Ed Tittel
Administrators and power users who maintain Windows PCs need Windows boot media for installation, repair, troubleshooting, and more. This article examines three Microsoft and third-party tools and methods for creating such media: Windows Media Creation Tool (often abbreviated as MCT), Ventoy, and Rufus.

5 Specific Tips for High-Impact ChatGPT Prompt Engineering

- 7 min read-Tim Warner
ChatGPT can provide an incredible boost to our productivity as IT professionals, but there is an art to unlocking its potential. Learn how to do that with these five helpful prompt engineering tips.

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