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How to Use AI in Power Apps (Copilot)

- 8 min read-Giuliano De Luca
AI is now fully embedded in Power Apps. With this last addition by Microsoft, it has never been easier to create a new app using AI (Copilot). Learn how to pick from dozens of starting points that help you describe the purpose and the goal of your app, making it possible to start from a solid structure which will minimize your time.

Working With Winget Settings

- 9 min read-Ed Tittel
Winget (Windows package manager) runs in Windows PowerShell and Command Prompt, so users can manage app and application information, installations, updates, and more. Editing winget's settings.json file supports alternate visualizations, access to experimental features, and ways to change this tool’s default settings.

Custom Development in Microsoft 365 vs. Power Platform: Making the Right Choice for Your Business Needs

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Explore the pros and cons of Microsoft 365 custom development vs. Power Platform. Discover how to make the right choice for your business needs, considering complexity, expertise, timeline, budget, and integration requirements.

Viva Engage Storylines Made Simple

- 4 min read-Lesley Crook
Viva Engage is Yammer, and Yammer is Viva Engage. Viva Engage is integrated within Microsoft Teams, enabling a flow of work across connected applications. Learn about Viva Engage Storylines, Viva Engage Topics, and Answers in Viva. Also, get examples of when to create your own personal story and when to create a community post.

Integrating Microsoft Forms with Microsoft Teams

- 5 min read-Brian Alderman
When it comes to collecting information and reviewing the results, Microsoft Forms makes the job easy. Forms has seamless integration with Microsoft Teams, there’s a simple-to-use interface, and you great flexibility for creating the tools you need to get the job done.

Moving the Opportunity Forward by Developing it with Required Information - Dynamics 365 Sales

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
A very important stage of any Dynamics 365 sales opportunity is “develop.” You want to make sure that you are developing the opportunity with all of the required information so you can take it to the next stage which is usually Proposed (unless it's been customized to something else). This video shows you exactly how to develop an opportunity.

How to Use Managed Identities in Your Azure Logic Apps

- 12 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Make your Azure Logic Apps more secure by using managed identities in your connections. In this article, we'll guide you through the process to set this up.

How to Bulk Delete Microsoft 365 Users

- 6 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This "how-to" article teaches you how to bulk delete your Microsoft 365 (Office 365) users with the Microsoft 365 admin center and Windows PowerShell. Besides giving you the necessary details, it also gives you a video to help you learn things better.

Excluded File Extensions in OneDrive Personal

- 5 min read-Hans Brender
Microsoft has added the ability for OneDrive Personal users to exclude file extensions from sync, but Office file extensions are excluded. Learn how this works in the latest update of OneDrive Personal.

Top 5 Reasons Companies Should Move Workloads to the Cloud

- 8 min read-Denny Cherry
Moving your organization's workloads can entail some short-term pain, but the benefits are substantial: cost savings through right-sizing virtual machines, increased redundancy with availability zones, automatic resource scaling, reduced server deployment time, and eliminating hardware failure concerns. These advantages over an on-premises setup mean you should consider the cloud when renewing hosting agreements or purchasing new servers.

Dealing With Winget Upgrade Issues

- 10 min read-Ed Tittel
Updating and maintaining applications, apps, and API support (like .NET) can get interesting on Windows operating systems. Winget helps tame this constant chore, and handles updates quickly and well. Learn what to do when upgrades fail or other issues occur.

Show Your Dynamics 365 Sales Records in Microsoft Outlook

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
You can set up the configuration to show the records from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Sales directly in Microsoft Outlook for any user. It does require some complex configuration, but once you get it all figured out, it works like a charm. This video shows you step by step exactly how to set it up.