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Azure Database for PostgreSQL: A Quickstart Guide

- 12 min read-Eric Thomas
This tutorial guides you through the shortest and lowest cost path to create a new ADP server, a new database, a test table, some handy extensions, and teaches you the basics of vector search so you can fast-track your retrieval-augmented generation (RAG) experiments.

Power BI Implementation Models for Enterprises – Part 3 (Cloud-Friendly Clients)

- 9 min read-Greg Low
Explore the third installment of my series, “Power BI Implementation Models for Enterprises.” Building upon my initial categorization of clients into distinct cloud-oriented groups, including cloud-native, cloud-friendly, cloud-conservative, and cloud-unfriendly, this article delves into the strategies employed specifically for the cloud-friendly clients. Gain insights into my tailored approaches and methodologies as I navigate the unique requirements and implementation models for this common group of clients within the Power BI ecosystem.

Webinar: SharePoint Look Book

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
This Valentine's Day, fall in love with your SharePoint site all over again! Join us Feb 14th, 2pm EST for a webinar with me, "Shortcut Shari" Oswald, and host Christian Buckley. Learn how to dazzle with site templates and design tips from the SharePoint Look Book.

Designing a Delegation Model in Active Directory: Part 3

- 1 min read-Mahdi Tehrani
This is part 3 of “Designing a Delegation Model in Active Directory”. If you watched part 1 and part 2, you have studied the environment and you know what needs to be done. In this video the actual stuff is happening. The groups will be created and based on this groups, the actual delegation will be done on Active Directory. This delegation is done by using PowerShell scripts.

Azure OpenAI in Action

- 7 min read-Jannik Reinhard
Dive into the exciting world of Azure Open AI! This article breaks down how Microsoft is changing the game with AI, making it super user-friendly for businesses. Learn how you can start and what use cases will have high benefits.

TekkiTalk with Heather Cook: The Strength and Inclusivity of the Microsoft Community

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guest Heather Cook, Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Community at Microsoft. Heather has a long history with Microsoft, starting with SharePoint marketing in 2001 and working in various roles within the company. During this talk, she emphasizes the importance of the Microsoft community, its inclusivity, and the deep connections it fosters among members. She also shares some insider history about the SharePoint team, and how its openness to creative marketing built a strong, enduring brand.

3 Really Cool Things to Know About Copilot for Microsoft 365

- 5 min read-J. Peter Bruzzese
While researching Copilot for build some training videos, JPB learned several useful things that Copilot can do that will change how he works. You'll find them all potentially useful.

How to Organize Mail in Microsoft 365 Outlook on the Web

- 15 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This “how to” article teaches you how to organize emails in Microsoft 365 Outlook on the web. It explains how you can create folders, inbox rules, sweep rules, categories, flag/pin emails, and filter emails based on the default filters available. Besides giving you the necessary details, it includes a video for those who like to watch and learn.

Data Security in AI Development: Best Practices with Azure OpenAI

- 10 min read-Rubén Toribio
This article discusses the importance of data security in artificial intelligence (AI) development, the risks involved, and best practices with Azure OpenAI. It also delves into advanced techniques to help protect AI-driven systems and data integrity.

TekkiTalk With Adam Harmetz: Microsoft Lists and Connecting Through Technology

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
A conversation with Adam Harmetz, VP of Product at Microsoft. Over his 17 years at Microsoft, Adam has been involved in the Office client, compliance, SharePoint, and now Microsoft Viva. Knut and Adam discuss the journey of Microsoft Lists and how it has become a strong standalone product with a focus on improving user experience. They also touch on the importance of technology in connecting people from diverse backgrounds and fostering inclusivity within the community.

The Windows PC Spares Collection

- 10 min read-Ed Tittel
Even small fleets of PCs need a collection of spare cables, peripherals, and parts to keep things running and working properly. This article discusses what to keep on hand. With a modestly equipped collection of extras, spares and stand-ins, admins can troubleshoot and work around or replace specific components (or entire devices) for repair or replacement.

Power Platform Connectors Publishing, Certification, and Deployment

- 34 min read-Eric Shupps
The article outlines how creators of Power Platform custom connectors can share their connectors around the globe using Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. It details the structured certification process, from packaging and validating connectors to conform with Microsoft's guidelines, to documenting and submitting these for inclusion in the official connector gallery. The process, while technical and geared towards professional developers, is accessible to those willing to learn the necessary command-line utilities.