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Power BI Implementation Models for Enterprises – Part 2 (Cloud-Native Clients)

- 9 min read-Greg Low
Explore the second installment of Greg Low’s comprehensive series, “Power BI implementation models for enterprises.” Greg initially categorizes clients into distinct cloud-oriented groups, including “cloud-native,” “cloud-friendly,” “cloud-conservative,” and “cloud-unfriendly,” and this article delves into the strategies employed specifically for the cloud-native clients. Gain insights into Greg’s tailored approaches and methodologies as I navigate the unique requirements and implementation models for this forward-thinking group of clients within the Power BI ecosystem.

TekkiTalk with Omar Shahine: Copilot in Word and Beyond

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guest Omar Shahine, a corporate vice president at Microsoft and team leader for Word and Editor. Omar talks about Copilot's evolving capabilities in Word, such as summarization, combining documents with corporate branding, generating slide decks, and improving text writing fluency. He also emphasizes how much user feedback drives Copilot tweaks and feature additions.

Modern Controls in Power Apps

- 30 min read-Roy Kiprop
Delve into the realm of modern controls in Power Apps. This article unveils all the features of the current modern controls available. Explore how to leverage them to build modern, user-friendly canvas applications with enhanced accessibility, performance, and usability.

How to Create Mail Flow Rules With Exceptions

- 12 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This “how to” article explains how to create mail flow rules with exceptions by using the Microsoft 365 Exchange admin center and Windows PowerShell. Using an example where an organization’s new hires are subjected to phishing attacks, the article shows how to create a rule to monitor malicious mail and to let only legitimate mail pass through.

On the First Day of Christmas, The Waffle Brings to Me...Everything Wrapped up in Microsoft Teams! 

- 7 min read-Shari Oswald
You know you've got the whole package tied up with a big shiny bow when you use Microsoft Teams. Read all about it in this twelfth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

The Launch of "Guardians of M365 Governance"

- 2 min read-Christian Buckley
TekkiGurus Learn broadcast episode 0 of Guardians of M365 Governance on December 19, 2023 to about 90 people across LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube. We're testing setup for the launch of this regular monthly webcast beginning January 17, 2024.

On the Second Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...My Files in the Cloud

- 7 min read-Shari Oswald
Whether it's photos of your holiday feast, trip journals from your great adventures, or videos of holiday fun, you can organize your work--even if it's business-related--in OneNote. Read all about it in this eleventh installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

Power Platform Connectors Performance, Hosting, and Scalability

- 27 min read-Eric Shupps
The seventh article in the “Power Platform Custom Connectors A to Z” series dives into the intricacies of APIs and their relationship with custom connectors. It guides creators on optimizing connector performance and troubleshooting issues, emphasizing the role of APIs in influencing these factors. The article also outlines key considerations for those who host and manage APIs, such as architecture design, credentials, and scalability methods.

On the Third Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...Agendas in My OneNote

- 5 min read-Shari Oswald
When you need your days to be as organized as your cookie decoration assembly line, keep track of your thoughts, meeting notes, and schedule using OneNote. Read all about it in this tenth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

Fixing Microsoft Authenticator Issues When Transferring to a New iPhone

- 10 min read-Hans Brender
Data transfer between iPhones is generally seamless, but unfortunately, upgrading to a new iPhone sometimes causes Microsoft Authenticator issues during the move. IT consultants should be aware of this when upgrading their employees and clients to a new iPhone. Read this article for a detailed solution.

Microsoft MS-900 Exam Preparation: Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

- 9 min read-Rubén Toribio
Embark on your journey with the MS-900 exam to gain comprehensive knowledge of Microsoft 365 fundamentals. This crucial certification covers key aspects like cloud concepts, core Microsoft 365 services, security, compliance, privacy, and trust. It's an essential step for professionals seeking to establish expertise in Microsoft's ever-evolving suite of productivity and collaboration tools.

On the Fourth Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...Forms to Gather Info 

- 6 min read-Shari Oswald
Even the elves need help getting all of Santa's Christmas stockings stuffed accurately, and what's better than Forms to help make sense of it all? Read all about it in this ninth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.