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Switch Through Available Roles in Dynamics 365 Business Central

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
You can switch available roles in Dynamics 365 Business Central match your actual role within your company. That way the information on the interface as well as actions available will match your actual role. This video shows you how to do that.

How to Import Microsoft 365 Users Via CSV Using PowerShell

- 4 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This "how-to" article teaches you about using Windows PowerShell to import users into Microsoft 365 (Office 365) in bulk. Besides giving you the necessary cmdlets, it also contains a 4-minute video version of the article.

A Hands-on Guide to Set Up Webinars in Teams

- 15 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
Learn how to set up webinars in Teams using the new interface that was launched in January 2023. This article will take you through all the ins and outs of configuring your next webinar.

The Quiet Microsoft AI Revolution

- 6 min read-Matt Rooke
As ChatGPT loudly generates headlines, Microsoft’s AI mission is quieter, but perhaps more transformative. Artificial intelligence (AI) is powering Bing Chat, Viva, Teams, improved search, and more. Learn about the latest AI announcements from Microsoft including new features like Leadership Corner, Answers in Viva, Copilot, summaries of key discussion points, action items, and decision in Teams calls, and more.

Managing Microsoft Teams Using PowerShell

- 9 min read-Brian Alderman
Microsoft Teams has become the most popular Microsoft 365 end-user interface. Understanding how to streamline the management of your Microsoft Teams users in bulk can be accomplished using PowerShell. Learn the requirements for using PowerShell with Teams, how to configure PowerShell to access Microsoft Teams, and how to connect and manage your Teams and their users by understanding some of the most common Microsoft Teams PowerShell cmdlets.

How to Create a People Picker in Power Apps

- 6 min read-Giuliano De Luca
In this article and video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create in a few minutes a People Picker in Power Apps

How to Connect to Your Microsoft 365 Tenant Using PowerShell

- 4 min read-Thilak Kumar Singh
This "how-to" article teaches you how to connect and manage your Microsoft 365 tenant using PowerShell. It describes the necessary PowerShell modules, and shows how to use them to establish a connection and start managing M365 tenants from a Windows machine.

Optimizing Azure Virtual Desktop Session Host Images

- 9 min read-Tim Warner
Optimizing Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) Session Host images is crucial for many reasons. It aligns with the Microsoft Azure Well-Architected Framework's pillars. The process involves using the Virtual Desktop Optimization Tool (VDOT), implementing roaming user profiles with FSLogix, application layering with FSLogix Application Masking, and deploying golden images to the Azure Compute Gallery. Regular evaluations and updates are necessary for maintaining optimal AVD performance.

Parent-child Relationships Hierarchy in Accounts - Dynamics 365 Sales

- 1 min read-Asif Rehmani
Accounts can have a parent-child relationship in Dynamics 365 Sales. This can get complicated unless you are careful setting it all up. This video shows exactly how it's set up and can be managed.

That Was M365Conf 2023 Spring

- 5 min read-Toni Pohl, Martina Grom
We were excited to be a part of the Spring 2023 edition of M365Conf, held April 30th - May 5th in Las Vegas. The M365Conf event was a major success, featuring a wide range of sessions, workshops, and networking opportunities that provided attendees with valuable insights and knowledge about the latest developments in the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. And of course, Microsoft Copilot was a big part of the announcements alongside the many helpful updates in the M365 services.

Add to OneDrive

- 14 min read-Hans Brender
This article discusses the advantages of using Add to OneDrive (Add shortcut to OneDrive) for synchronizing shared files and folders. If someone shares a folder in OneDrive, SharePoint, or Teams, you can add a shortcut to the shared folder in your OneDrive to find and work with the files. This synchronization method avoids the limitations of the classic sync method: only being able to sync or copy up to 300,000 items, data only syncing on one device, and problematic unlinking. The article also steps through how to move from classic sync to the newer Add to OneDrive sync method.

Productivity Tip: Creating To Do Tasks in Teams and Outlook on the Web

- 9 min read-Christian Buckley
This article aims to address the common issue of task management across multiple communication platforms by introducing a handy feature in Microsoft 365 – converting highlighted text from Outlook on the web emails or Microsoft Teams chats into tasks and integrating them with Microsoft To Do.

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