Power Platform Content

Send an Approval Email in Table Format with an Attachment Using the Approval Action

- 38 min read-Rachel Irabor
Learn step by step how to create an automated flow, get an attachment (invoice) from a SharePoint list, create an approval email using the Approval action in Power Automate, send an email to someone with the attachment using the Start and wait for an approval action, capture their response, and troubleshoot.

Stripe Card Payment Features in Power Pages

- 7 min read-Ifeanyi Benny Iheagwara
Explore the steps you need to implement an effective card payment system in Power Pages. Learn how to build a site with Copilot, create effective data management for your site, set up your Stripe payment system and test this system.

New Insights: Power Platform Admin Events in Microsoft Purview

- 2 min read-Rene Vlieger
As of February 16, 2023, a significant update has rolled out for Power Platform enthusiasts: the introduction of administrator activity events delivered to Microsoft Purview. This update integrates new Power Platform activity events into Microsoft 365 Unified Services. Through a dedicated Data Connector powered by the Microsoft 365 Management API, vital activity events are now accessible across various Microsoft platforms, including Microsoft Purview, Microsoft Defender, and Microsoft Sentinel. Learn more.

Maximizing Efficiency and Innovation With Power Automate

- 8 min read-Rubén Toribio
This article provides best practices for Power Automate to maximize efficiency and drive innovation in workflow automation. Learn how using trigger filters, implementing custom connectors, maintaining logs of workflow activities and errors, running parallel branching, using Microsoft Graph API, and more can help ensure more streamlined and effective workflow automation.

TekkiTalk With Fabian Williams and Brian Alderman: Participating in the Microsoft Tech Community

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guests Fabian Williams and Brian Alderman. Fabian Williams is a senior program manager on the Microsoft Graph team. Brian is an independent consultant, also with experience as an MVP. The conversation highlights the international and diverse nature of tech communities, emphasizing mutual respect and support. They discuss the importance of sharing knowledge, mentoring, and participating in the tech community, encouraging others to find their own voice and be authentic in their contributions.

TekkiTalk with Heather Cook: The Strength and Inclusivity of the Microsoft Community

- 1 min read-Knut Relbe-Moe
In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guest Heather Cook, Principal PM Manager, Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Community at Microsoft. Heather has a long history with Microsoft, starting with SharePoint marketing in 2001 and working in various roles within the company. During this talk, she emphasizes the importance of the Microsoft community, its inclusivity, and the deep connections it fosters among members. She also shares some insider history about the SharePoint team, and how its openness to creative marketing built a strong, enduring brand.

Power Platform Connectors Publishing, Certification, and Deployment

- 34 min read-Eric Shupps
The article outlines how creators of Power Platform custom connectors can share their connectors around the globe using Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. It details the structured certification process, from packaging and validating connectors to conform with Microsoft's guidelines, to documenting and submitting these for inclusion in the official connector gallery. The process, while technical and geared towards professional developers, is accessible to those willing to learn the necessary command-line utilities.

A Guide to Power Platform for Beginners

- 11 min read-Shadrack Kiprotich
Shadrack's article highlights the emergence of low-code development platforms, particularly Microsoft Power Platform, which simplifies software development through visual interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. The advantages of using Microsoft Power Platform include cost reduction, easy data integration, and enhanced collaboration, making it accessible to citizen developers and professionals across different industries. The article includes links to online Power Platform learning resources.

Modern Controls in Power Apps

- 30 min read-Roy Kiprop
Delve into the realm of modern controls in Power Apps. This article unveils all the features of the current modern controls available. Explore how to leverage them to build modern, user-friendly canvas applications with enhanced accessibility, performance, and usability.

Power Platform Connectors Performance, Hosting, and Scalability

- 27 min read-Eric Shupps
The seventh article in the “Power Platform Custom Connectors A to Z” series dives into the intricacies of APIs and their relationship with custom connectors. It guides creators on optimizing connector performance and troubleshooting issues, emphasizing the role of APIs in influencing these factors. The article also outlines key considerations for those who host and manage APIs, such as architecture design, credentials, and scalability methods.

On the Third Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...Agendas in My OneNote

- 5 min read-Shari Oswald
When you need your days to be as organized as your cookie decoration assembly line, keep track of your thoughts, meeting notes, and schedule using OneNote. Read all about it in this tenth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.

On the Seventh Day of Christmas, the Waffle Brings to Me...Automation of My Work 

- 7 min read-Shari Oswald
When you're as busy as one of Santa's elves, what you really need is a little help from automation. Read all about it in this sixth installment of Shortcut Shari's Countdown to Christmas using technology.