TekkiTalk with Vlad Catrinescu: Copilot in Power Automate and the Importance of Self-Learning

December 20, 2023
1 min read

In this TekkiTalk, host Knut Relbe-Moe chats with guest Vlad Catrinescu, an independent consultant specializing in SharePoint, Power Automate, and Teams governance. Vlad shares insights from his sessions at the European SharePoint Conference. Knut and Vlad discuss the latest developments in Power Automate, focusing on the new designer in Europe and the introduction of Copilot. Vlad explains that Copilot is designed to assist users with limited technical expertise by allowing them to interact with Power Automate in natural language.  

Vlad also emphasizes the importance of self-learning and recommends resources like Microsoft Learn, YouTube, and the recently introduced Microsoft applied skills for practical hands-on experience. Additionally, he briefly touches on Teams governance, highlighting the challenge of finding a balance between productivity and security in organizations.  

Length: 10 min.

Knut Relbe-Moe

Knut Relbe-Moe

Knut Relbe-Moe works as a technical evangelist and has been awarded the Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP). He has worked with SharePoint and Teams for many years and has worked on both big and small projects. He loves to share his knowledge and experience with the community and has been a mentor to many other people.

Knut has also helped to establish and grow commercial business models, sales strategies, successful partner ecosystems, partner experience and partner success functions in various roles.