Insights from the First Episode of “Guardians of M365 Governance”

January 18, 2024
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In the inaugural webcast of "Guardians of M365 Governance," a new TekkiGurus live stream co-hosted by myself and MVP Ragnar Heil (@ragnarh), we kicked off what we hope will be a valuable and insightful series focused on the complexities of governance inside of Microsoft 365. Joining us for “Episode 1: Navigating the Future of AI in M365 Governance" were David Drever (@DavidMDrever) and Joanne Klein (@JoanneCKlein), fellow MVPs who are deeply knowledgeable about Microsoft 365 compliance, especially around SharePoint, Syntex, and Purview products. David and Joanne are also the co-hosts of the newly launched podcast “Compliance Unplugged.”

We began by discussing the integration of case management into records systems using Microsoft Purview, which was covered in the first episode of their podcast. We emphasized the necessity for businesses to align their strategies with Purview's functionalities, ensuring a seamless lifecycle management of records.

We then identified and tackled the gaps in event-based retention within Purview. My take on this was to encourage organizations to develop bespoke solutions or look towards third-party tools to ensure their retention policies are watertight.

We discussed real-world examples where backend automation for event triggers has been effectively implemented, highlighting the efficiencies gained. For smaller organizations that might find the technical complexities challenging, I advised maximizing Microsoft 365's built-in capabilities and considering partnerships for governance needs.

With the enterprise's shift towards AI solutions like Microsoft Copilot, we discussed the evolving integration of these tools, and collectively agreed that AI will reshape the automation of governance tasks, including event triggers, and the importance of preparing robust governance strategies to navigate this shift. We also reflected on how AI tools will impact records management and compliance, with data retention, privacy, and ethical considerations at the forefront.

Wrapping up, we shared our thoughts on the future of compliance and governance, and briefly discussed future topics that David and Joanne plan to cover in "Compliance Unplugged." In a digital landscape that's evolving at breakneck speed, adaptive governance strategies are crucial. It's an exciting time, and we’re looking forward to navigating these changes with our viewers, fostering a community that stays at the forefront of governance innovation.

To watch the full episode, register for the webcast (free) and the link to watch the recording will appear in your TekkiGurus account dashboard.

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Here is a list of the resources that we discussed during the episode:

Christian Buckley

Christian Buckley

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