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Christian is a Microsoft Regional Director (RD) and Most Valuable Professional (MVP), an award-winning product marketer, technology evangelist and host of the #CollabTalk podcast and monthly tweetjam series. Christian's 30-year tech career has included Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Evangelist for several leading SharePoint ISVs, and he was part of the Microsoft team that launched the hosted SharePoint platform in Office 365. He has worked with some of the world’s largest technology companies to build and deploy social, collaboration, and supply chain solutions, and he sold his first software startup to Rational Software in 2001. A co-author of books on both SharePoint and software configuration management (SCM), Christian is one of the most widely published names within the Microsoft ecosystem.

Published by Christian Buckley

TekkiTalk with Ragnar Heil: Microsoft 365 Governance

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with guest Ragnar Heil, M365 Apps & Services MVP and the Global Director of Partners and Alliances at Rencore, about the importance of Microsoft 365 Governance, especially with the continued content growth and "sprawl" across Microsoft Teams and SharePoint.

TekkiTalk with Ruven Gotz and Michelle Caldwell: Business Drivers and Strategy of Employee Experience

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with Michelle Caldwell, CEO of Synozur Alliance, and Ruven Gotz, Chief Strategy Officer at Synozur Alliance, about the gaps between technology and success within Microsoft's employee experience strategy, which covers Microsoft Viva, Copilot, and many other newer features and products.

TekkiTalk with Karuana Gatimu: About Microsoft Teams Adoption and Community

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with guest Karuana Gatimu, Principal Manager for the Microsoft 365 Customer Advocacy Group at Microsoft, about the growth of and documentation, and how Microsoft continues to expand the resources available to help customers with adoption.

TekkiTalk With Gokan Ozcifci: Microsoft Syntex

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with guest Gokan Ozcifci, an M365 and Business Applications MVP, Microsoft Regional Director, and Owner of Neoxy Consultancy, about the latest news around Microsoft Syntex, and the fact that the underlying technology is SharePoint, which makes it easy to use. Christian and Gokan also talk about the process for customers to get started with Syntex, discussing licensing and whether to utilize pre-built templates or build your own models.

TekkiTalk With Don Kirkham: Getting Started With the SharePoint Framework

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with guest Don Kirkham, a M365 Development and Microsoft Graph MVP, and Enterprise Architect with DMI, about his focus on the SharePoint Development experience, including working with the SharePoint Framework and how people new to SharePoint development can get started.

TekkiTalk with Cathy Dew: Latest announcements around OneDrive, SharePoint, and the new Branding Center

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with Microsoft's Cathy Dew, Senior Product Manager at Microsoft, about her role on the OneDrive and SharePoint product team, and about the announcements around the new Branding Center. Cathy also talks about some of the new content creation experiences and highlights a couple of the things she is most excited about, including the simplified sharing experiences across the platform and the new Copilot capabilities.

TekkiTalk With Brian Alderman: The State of SharePoint Administration, and TekkiGurus

- 1 min read-Christian Buckley
In this TekkiTalk, host Christian Buckley chats with guest Brian Alderman, CEO and Founder of MicroTechPoint, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and author, about the latest innovations in SharePoint administration, and about Brian's role as a content chair and board member of Tekkigurus. Christian and Brian also talk about the importance of keeping up to date with the latest releases and product changes, as well as the value of earning and maintaining different Microsoft certifications.

5 Ways to Track and Measure Productivity in Microsoft 365

- 9 min read-Christian Buckley
By focusing on five key areas, organizations can harness the full potential of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem and cultivate continual improvement. In a digital-first world, understanding and optimizing digital productivity is a critical component of an organization's strategic toolkit. Tracking and measuring digital productivity is key to remaining agile, competitive, and future-ready in our evolving business landscape.

Verizon Launches Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile

- 4 min read-Christian Buckley
In January 2023, Verizon announced support for Microsoft Teams Phone Mobile. Use Teams on mobile devices, leveraging Verizon's reliable and secure network. Make and receive voice and video calls directly in Teams. Teams telephony is also integrated with Microsoft 365, for managing tasks, scheduling meetings, and collaborating on documents.

Productivity Tip: Creating To Do Tasks in Teams and Outlook on the Web

- 9 min read-Christian Buckley
This article aims to address the common issue of task management across multiple communication platforms by introducing a handy feature in Microsoft 365 – converting highlighted text from Outlook on the web emails or Microsoft Teams chats into tasks and integrating them with Microsoft To Do.

From Clippy to ChatGPT: AI Advances in Productivity

- 8 min read-Christian Buckley
Learn how Microsoft uses artificial intelligence (AI) in Bing search, Microsoft 365, and other tools and platforms such as Microsoft Teams and SharePoint to improve user experience, increase productivity, and provide better insights. Microsoft has incorporated OpenAI's natural language processing (NLP) technology and computer vision into Bing search. Microsoft also uses ChatGPT in Bing through Bing Chat, providing a community-driven platform for asking and answering questions.

Are Organizations Shifting Back to On-Prem?

- 7 min read-Christian Buckley
This article examines whether the past few decades’ trend of enterprises migrating workloads and applications to public cloud environments is increasingly shifting back to private clouds and on-premises solutions. It discusses the pros and cons of both approaches, including why many organizations are choosing a hybrid cloud model.