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Christoph, aka #MrRedCap or #MrRedShoes, is known for his red baseball caps and sneakers beyond the Microsoft community borders. He is a Most Valuable Professional (MVP) for Microsoft 365 Office Apps and Services. Experience in a German insurance group, at a medium-sized IT consulting firm for Microsoft technologies and at Microsoft itself have shaped his professional career. Digital transformation and its influence on people and companies is Christoph's hobbyhorse. For him, people and their needs in the context of digital transformation are in the foreground alongside the daily new technological challenges.

Christoph also likes to swim against the tide sometimes. There is not THE solution for THE customer. Everything must and may be questioned on a daily basis in order to achieve an optimal result. Since every customer and every project is different, you can't copy everything one-to-one.

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Microsoft Loop: A First Look

- 9 min read-Christoph Twiehaus
Microsoft Loop is a relatively new product whose focus is unique among Microsoft 365 apps. As such, it might be a little confusing for newcomers, even if they have used every other Microsoft app out there. This article will explain how you can achieve a new level of collaboration with Loop that is not limited to app boundaries, and give you all the information you need to start using it.