Amelia Hernández Osorio

Amelia Hernández Osorio is a Microsoft 365 digital workplace guru. Over the last decade, she has helped teams and organizations embrace digital ways of working through Microsoft technologies and people-first tactics. 

  • Microsoft 365 Trainer: Amelia helps individuals and teams harness the power of Microsoft 365 tools effectively.
  • Prosci® Change Practitioner: She specializes in change management, ensuring smooth transitions during organizational transformations.
  • Agile Coach & Facilitator: Amelia guides teams in adopting agile methodologies and facilitates collaborative processes.
  • Microsoft 365 Adoption Specialist: Her focus is on driving adoption and maximizing the impact of Microsoft 365 solutions.

On LinkedIn, she publishes a newsletter, AdoptAble. You can subscribe to it here.

Published by Amelia Hernández Osorio

Features Missing in the New Teams Client and How to Cope

- 14 min read-Amelia Hernández Osorio
At the end of March 2024, Microsoft replaces Teams Classic with a new Teams client that has been in testing for months. Some features from Teams Classic aren't in the new Teams. What's missing, and what are the workarounds? Learn about that here.