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Vesa "Vesku" Nopanen, Principal Consultant and Microsoft MVP working on metaverse and Future Work at Sulava.

The metaverse is a Digital Fabric with AI, Digital Twins, metaverse of Things, Microsoft Mesh, and other services & platforms in the cloud connecting digital and physical worlds and people together.

The metaverse journey is on its early steps and Vesku is guiding you and your organization towards the future. He is extremely passionate about metaverse, mixed & virtual reality and how these technologies, with Microsoft Teams and cloud, enable to change how people work together.

Vesku has 25+ years of experience in IT business on multiple industries, domains, and roles. He is also a futurist, active speaker, blogger, evangelist, and technology community member.

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Published by Vesa Nopanen

Create a Simple but Smart Teams Bot With Azure OpenAI and Copilot Studio

- 24 min read-Vesa Nopanen
With the advent of Copilot for Microsoft 365 and Windows 11, users have access to AI that will draw answers from everywhere they have access to. But sometimes it is better to have focused, customized bots rather than using a generic solution. This article takes you through the process of building such a bot that can use custom data and can be deployed easily in Microsoft Teams.

Using Your Own Data With Azure OpenAI

- 19 min read-Vesa Nopanen
Adding your own data to Azure OpenAI will allow you to ground it to your specific documents for accurate answers on any given subject. This article takes you through that process via Azure AI Studio, then shows you how to perform REST API calls to enable its use in Power Automate and Power Apps.

Conversational AI for Business

- 7 min read-Vesa Nopanen
Conversational AI offers businesses cost efficiency, improved customer satisfaction, enhanced employee engagement, business intelligence, and efficient content discovery. Here is what the latest AI chatbots can do, and how they can boost your business' productivity.

Microsoft Metaverse for Business

- 13 min read-Vesa Nopanen
Users of Microsoft Teams will soon experience the metaverse for business and can use avatars generated by Microsoft Mesh in Teams. This article explores where enterprise users can use easy-to-implement and low-code solutions with machine learning and AI to help make decisions and automate user and customer experiences.