TekkiGurus Announces Appointment of Leadership Board and Community Advisory Team

April 6, 2023
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For Release: 9:00am

April 6, 2023


Microsoft-focused community site highlights depth of new leadership board, content chairs, and advisors from Microsoft’s Regional Director, MVP, and Certified Trainer (MCT) programs.

Las Vegas, NV — Following the successful launch of TekkiGurus.com, the board and content chairs will work together to expand TekkiGuru’s list of community experts, insiders, and business users. While the board members will focus on operational tasks, the content chairs are tasked with recruiting authors, establishing content calendars, and providing industry expertise through articles, videos, and community outreach.

The following are lists of the TekkiGurus board, content chairs, and authors who are published on the website:

TekkiGurus Board of Directors:

Brian Alderman
Board member
Jacquelyn Baillie,  
President & Managing Director
Christian Buckley
Stacy Deere
Board member, MVP
Martina Grom
Board member, RD, MVP
Scot Hillier
Board member
Joel Oleson
Board member, RD, MVP
Toni Pohl
Board member, MVP
Paul Ponzo
Asif Rehmani
Board member, MVP
Knut Relbe-Moe
Board member, MVP
Erik Ruthruff
Editor in Chief
Tory Sirkin

Content Chairs - EMEA

Hans Brender
M365 Apps & Services MVP
Tiago Costa
Microsoft Azure MVP
Guiliano De Luca
M365 Development, M365 Apps & Services (dual) MVP
Ragnar Heil, 
M365 Apps & Services MVP
Chris Huntingford
Business Applications MVP
Django Lohn
Business Applications MVP
Gokan Ozcifci, 
Microsoft Regional Director, M365 Apps & Services MVP
Rodrigo Pinto
M365 Apps & Services MVP
Tomasz Poszytek
Business Applications MVP
Alistair Pugin
Microsoft Azure, M365 Apps & Services, Security (triple) MVP
Knut Relbe-Moe
M365 Apps & Services MVP
Vivian Voss
Business Applications MVP

Content Chairs – Americas/APAC

Brian Alderman
rConnect MVP
Stacy Deere
M365 Apps & Services MVP
Dwayne Natwick
Security MVP
Derek Melber
Shari Oswald
Eric Riz
rConnect MVP

Current authors (to date)

Brian Alderman (USA)Bill Ayers, MVP (UK)Kat Beedim, MVP (UK)
Hans Brender, MVP (Germany)Christian Buckley, RD+MVP (USA)Liam Cleary, MVP (USA)
Haniel Croitoru, MVP (Canada)Lesley Crook, MVP (UK)Stacy Deere, MVP (USA)
Adam Deltinger, MVP (Sweden)Luise Freese, MVP (Germany)Neil Hodgkinson, Microsoft (UK)
Dwayne Natwick, MVP (USA)Vesa “Vesku” Nopanen, MVP (Finland)Joanne Klein, MVP (Canada)
Curtis Norman (USA)Toni Pohl, MVP (Austria)Dilyana Radulova, Microsoft (UK)
Asif Rehmani, MVP (USA)Knut Relbe-Moe, MVP (Norway) 
Shari Oswald, MCT (USA) 
Sven Seidenberg, MVP (Germany)Rubén Toribio (Spain)Ana Inés Urrutia, MVP (Spain)
Matt Varney, (USA)Koen Verbeeck, MVP (Belgium)Tim Warner, Microsoft (USA)
Audrey Workman (USA)Rahat Yasir, MVP (Canada) 


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