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Stacy Deere a Microsoft MVP and owner of Focal Point Solutions LLC, a Cincinnati, OH-based company that provides SharePoint and Microsoft 365 consulting. With 20+ years of experience in the IT industry, Stacy has mainly focused on collaboration solutions. She has numerous environment deployments, upgrades, migrations and many other SharePoint and M365 projects under her belt. The main focus of all projects is implementing the best solution for the organization and one that the users want and can easily utilize. Within the SharePoint community, Stacy is a Microsoft Office & Apps MVP, an author and is known for topics such as governance, user engagement, security & compliance, and Administration.

Published by Stacy Deere

Formatting Rows and Columns in SharePoint Lists

- 8 min read-Stacy Deere
This article shows you how to highlight specific types of data within a SharePoint list to capture the user’s attention. You can also alternate the color and format of your rows and columns to separate them visually.

Microsoft 365 A to Z Series: Bookings

- 7 min read-Stacy Deere
This article covers Microsoft Bookings, a great way to share and book your calendar internally and externally to your organization. Also, it is a great way for companies to advertise and get paid for their services.

Microsoft 365 Apps A to Z Series: Overview

- 4 min read-Stacy Deere
An introduction to Stacy Deere’s forthcoming article series, Microsoft 365 Apps A to Z.