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Shari is known as Shortcut Shari because she believes we should all work smarter, not harder, and she loves to share keyboard shortcuts. Shari has been using SharePoint since before it was called SharePoint and is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with those who are as excited about technology as she is. Shari's focus is the “People Side of Change.” As a Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect and Consultant that grew up right along with SharePoint, her practical knowledge of the Microsoft Productivity stack coupled with her passion for empowerment via learning makes Shari an excellent resource as a consultant and evangelist for Microsoft 365. Her philosophies for information architecture and SharePoint design are centered on solving business challenges with technology and ensuring usability and adoption for the organization. Shari is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Specialist Master, consultant, presenter, author, and evangelist. When she is not architecting SharePoint magic as a consultant, Shari is in the classroom or creating online learning for LinkedIn Learning,, and Pluralsight.

Published by Shari Oswald

TIP!Tuesday! – Introducing Microsoft ToDo

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Just need a quick checklist? Then use Microsoft ToDo! In this tip learn how to: Sign into Microsoft ToDo, navigate the dashboard, and add items to a list.

TIP!Tuesday! – Delegate Tasks in Outlook

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Too much to do and not enough time to get things done? Delegate your tasks in Outlook!

TIP!Tuesday – Give Your PC Some Love with a Tune Up!

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Is your PC Sleepy on the Startup? Upgrading to #Windows11? Giving your PC a tune-up regularly is important. Give it some LOVE with PC Health Check. Check it out!

TIP!Tuesday – Centralize Your Conversations in Outlook and Teams

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Are you struggling to get your workgroup to stop sending emails and use Teams instead? Use this tip to gently nudge them into Teams when needed, or, take your conversation out of Teams and back to Outlook when the need arises to share with someone NOT in your Team. #PowerUPTips #ShortcutShari #Microsoft #MSOutlook #MSTeams #emPOWERd Continue reading TIP!Tuesday – Centralize Your Conversations in Outlook and Teams

TIP!Tuesday – Peek Behind the Curtain – SharePoint and Teams (Part Deux!)

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Check out this week's TIP on managing your files in Microsoft Teams using SharePoint (yes SharePoint!) because NOTHING actually lives in Teams! In this tip we peel back the curtain and look at where your files actually live, and empower you to do MORE with your content than what you can see with the naked eye in Teams; Continue reading TIP!Tuesday – Peek Behind the Curtain – SharePoint and Teams (Part Deux!)

TIP!Tuesday – Reclaim Your Screen Space in Office Apps for the Web!

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Working on the web in Office 365 applications can be challenging on smaller screens...check out these tips to maximize your work space and be more productive in the apps of Microsoft 365!

TIP!Tuesday – Peek Behind the Curtain in SharePoint and Teams

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Microsoft 365 is a collection of connected and integrated applications, but what belongs where and what gets created when? There's #SharePoint, #MSTeams, #Planner, #MSStream and Email, all tied to an #Office365 group, which enables the integration. Let's peek behind the curtain...and I will show you an easy way to see it all in one place!

TIP!Tuesday – Create Tasks from Microsoft Teams

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
TIP!Tuesday...and it's worth the wait! Building on last week's tip for To Do, this one is about how to create tasks from your #MSTeams conversations. YEP! Happy Tuesday, and enjoy! #Microsoft #PowerUPTips #M365 #emPOWERd #ShortcutShari

TIP!Tuesday! – TIP!Tuesday! Bring All Your Tasks ToDo!

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Lots To Do, but your tasks are scattered all over M365? Bring them all together, in ToDo!

Sharing and Archiving Email to OneNote

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Use OneNote to share and archive your emails by saving them (and any attachments!) to a notebook!

No Excuses for Ugly Slides – PowerPoint Design Ideas

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Are you as tired of ugly titles slides and boring bullet points as I am? Check out the PowerPoint Design ideas...(oh, and they work in the online version, too!)

Turn Outlook into A “Self Cleaning Oven“ with Retention Policies

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Use retention policies to have Outlook clean itself out!