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Shari is known as Shortcut Shari because she believes we should all work smarter, not harder, and she loves to share keyboard shortcuts. Shari has been using SharePoint since before it was called SharePoint and is excited to share her knowledge and expertise with those who are as excited about technology as she is. Shari's focus is the “People Side of Change.” As a Microsoft 365 Solutions Architect and Consultant that grew up right along with SharePoint, her practical knowledge of the Microsoft Productivity stack coupled with her passion for empowerment via learning makes Shari an excellent resource as a consultant and evangelist for Microsoft 365. Her philosophies for information architecture and SharePoint design are centered on solving business challenges with technology and ensuring usability and adoption for the organization. Shari is a Microsoft Certified Trainer, a Microsoft Certified Specialist Master, consultant, presenter, author, and evangelist. When she is not architecting SharePoint magic as a consultant, Shari is in the classroom or creating online learning for LinkedIn Learning,, and Pluralsight.

Published by Shari Oswald

TIP!Tuesday-Sharing OneDrive Files for Review

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Do you like to gather feedback on your files without allowing colleagues to edit them? Share using the Review option!

TIP!Tuesday-Protecting Your Files in OneDrive

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Did you know that when you quickly share files in OneDrive that you may be giving access to unintended people? YEP! In this tip we explore the sharing options that ensure you only share your files with your intended audience...with the right access!

TIP!Tuesday! Ensure You Get Breaks Between Bookings

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Does your schedule pile up to where you don’t even get a “bio break” in-between? Me, too! Let’s add scheduled time between your Bookings to make sure you get that well-needed time in during the day.

TIP!Tuesday! Introducing Microsoft Bookings

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Are you frustrated in trying to coordinate schedules with co-workers or clients? Use Microsoft Bookings to give your contacts a self-serve option to create appointments on YOUR time and using your availability!

TIP!Tuesday!- Get Inspired by PowerPoint Templates

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Are you overwhelmed when you have to create a new presentation? Not sure what you should include, or concerned that your audience will not be impressed? Up your game and use PowerPoint templates to inspire your next presentation!

TIP!Tuesday!- Sync Your Microsoft Project files to SharePoint

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Need to gather updates from your project teams? How about allowing them to make their updates in SharePoint...and those updates synchronize back to your Microsoft Project file!

TIP!Tuesday!- Synchronizing SharePoint Lists with Outlook

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Do you manage your tasks from within Outlook? If you manage your task within Outlook, did you know that you can synchronize your SharePoint tasks lists in Outlook? Centralize your tasks and ensure you don't miss your due dates and deadlines for your collaborative task lists.

TIP!Tuesday!- Using SharePoint Lists to Track Tasks

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
SharePoint Lists are very helpful for tracking tasks with your co-workers. Using the Classic version of a SharePoint list provides some functionality that the Modern lists don't yet have.

TIP!Tuesday!- Creating Similar Projects Using a Template

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Do you have similar projects that you re-create files for over and over? Stop reinventing the wheel and save your Project files as a template!

TIP!Tuesday!- The Tips I Wish I Knew in MS Project

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Microsoft Project is a powerful program with lots of moving parts. These are the quick tips I wish I knew when I was a project manager! In this TIP! you will learn how to: Easily navigate tasks in the timeline, and work in two places at once. For weekly tips, follow me on YouTube!

TIP!Tuesday! – Sync Project Files Across Devices

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Do you work in multiple locations or across multiple devices? Then this video is for YOU! In this tip you will: Discover the best practice for saving your files, create a folder dedicated to your projects, and save the project desktop file in the cloud.

TIP!Tuesday!- Copy a Plan in Microsoft Planner

- 1 min read-Shari Oswald
Tired of reinventing the wheel for a new plan? Create a base plan and copy it…even across groups and teams! In this TIP! you will learn how to: copy a Planner Board, select the content that is copied between plans, and customize the labels for the new plan.