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Shadrack is a Business Applications Microsoft MVP. His impactful journey within the tech community showcases his influence and commitment to advancing the Microsoft Power Platform. His journey is marked by the prestigious 2023 Microsoft MVP Award in Business Applications, recognizing his contributions to the tech ecosystem.

Shadrack was a Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador on his path to being a Microsoft MVP. Shadrack has a depth of knowledge and commitment to sharing expertise. He has actively engaged in at least 23 speaking events, sharing insights and best practices. 

As a Power Platform developer and in his 4th year as the Power Platform User Group leader in Kenya, he is actively spearheading initiatives aimed at refining processes, orchestrating seamless workflow automation and seamlessly integrating Power Platform solutions with Microsoft 365 applications. As a community builder and speaking at events, he is fostering collaborative environments for the Kenyan, African and beyond community to learn about Power Platform by hosting impactful meetups and driving engaging events.

Published by Shadrack Kiprotich

A Guide to Power Platform for Beginners

- 11 min read-Shadrack Kiprotich
Shadrack's article highlights the emergence of low-code development platforms, particularly Microsoft Power Platform, which simplifies software development through visual interfaces and drag-and-drop functionality. The advantages of using Microsoft Power Platform include cost reduction, easy data integration, and enhanced collaboration, making it accessible to citizen developers and professionals across different industries. The article includes links to online Power Platform learning resources.