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As a Microsoft MVP in Microsoft 365 Apps and Services, I'm truly passionate about the new way of working – from both a technical and user perspective. One of my main goals is to use Microsoft 365 to its fullest. When we combine business knowledge with the newest technology, magic happens. This is even more the case if we unleash the power of employee experience in an organization. I share my knowledge and experience about such topics in blogs, keynotes, workshops, and on LinkedIn.

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Onboarding in the Flow of Work: How Learning Paths and Academies Simplify the Onboarding Process in Viva Learning

- 4 min read-Pascal Brunner
Viva Learning makes organizing training content much easier, letting you build learning paths from many different sources. Once you've built learning paths, you can organize those into academies, and academies in turn can be assigned to Microsoft 365 Groups with manage feature access.

Why the Business Should Lead Microsoft Viva Projects, Not IT

- 9 min read-Pascal Brunner
When it comes to an employee experience platform such as Microsoft Viva, learn why you need to involve your business units in implementation, and not just IT.