Opt-in About Processing Personal Data for Online Event

For this specific webinar or online event, TekkiGurus is being paid by Mimecast to collect specific information about you because they want to consider selling a product or service to the company that you work for. By signing up for this webinar or online event, you opt in and give consent that this data can be collected and used to contact you. Depending on where in the world you live, "Applicable Law" may give you specific rights about how TekkiGurus handles data about you, and how Mimecast handles that data about you. You agree that this opt-in consent is evidence that TekkiGurus is, to the best of its ability, complying with Applicable Law. Here is specifically what TekkiGurus will do with the data it collects about you for this webinar or online event: 

  • Send your name and email address to Zoom. Zoom will enroll you in the webinar and send you a confirmation email with a calendar invitation including a link to watch the webinar, and two reminder emails the day before and an hour before the webinar starts. 
  • Create a free TekkiGurus website account based on your email address. This allows you to log into the TekkiGurus website and watch the recording of this webinar, plus view articles, videos, and recordings, and download resources such as white papers, e-books, etc., that can only be viewed if you are logged into the TekkiGurus website. You are invited and encouraged to create a secure password to view gated content. 
  • Add you to the TekkiGurus newsletter list, TekkiNews. Roughly twice a month, we'll email a newsletter. This is the main way that TekkiGurus communicates with its community of readers. The newsletter will announce when upcoming webinars, classes, and events are either coming up or have recently been posted to the TekkiGurus website. There will also be links to articles and videos published on that might be relevant to you. 
  • Send you occasional emails. TekkiGurus doesn't send spam. There might be a specific notice about an upcoming or recent event that you may have missed in the newsletter. If you attended an online event, you might receive an email that the recording is available to view. 
  • Give your registration data to the sponsor who paid for this event. That's in TekkiGurus's contract with Mimecast. Your specific data for signing up for this webinar or online event won't be sold to another sponsor. For any other sponsor TekkiGurus might work with in the future, you'd opt-in again for that event. TekkiGurus must earn your consent each time because the engagement with you is different.

Last revised: February 8, 2024