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Koen Verbeeck is a seasoned business intelligence consultant working at AE in Belgium. He has over a decade of experience in the Microsoft Data Platform, both on-premises as in Azure. Koen has helped clients in different types of industries to get better and quicker insights in their data. He holds several certifications, among which the Azure Data Engineer cert. He’s a prolific writer, having published over 250 articles on different websites and hundreds of blog posts at sqlkover.com. He has spoken at various conferences, both local and international. For his efforts, Koen has been awarded with the Microsoft MVP data platform award for many years.

Published by Koen Verbeeck

How to Use Managed Identities in Your Azure Logic Apps

- 12 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Make your Azure Logic Apps more secure by using managed identities in your connections. In this article, we'll guide you through the process to set this up.

How To Embed Your Azure Logic Apps in a Metadata-driven Data Platform

- 32 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Learn how you can maximize efficiency by creating metadata-driven Logic Apps. Nobody likes repeating themselves. If you need to extract 50 SharePoint Lists, are you going to create 50 workflows? In this article, you will learn how you can do all this with one single Logic App and a bit of dynamic SQL!

Quick Tricks to Make Your Power BI Model Smaller, More Efficient and Definitely Faster

- 14 min read-Koen Verbeeck
Is your Power BI Desktop model slow or too big? Learn some quick tricks to reduce the size and memory usage of your Power BI model.