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Jannik Reinhard, a 25-year-old senior solution architect, works in the internal IT department of the world's largest chemical company, focusing on modern device management. He also serves as the technical lead for AIOPS (AI of IT Operation). Jannik takes proud in being a Microsoft MVP and actively contributes to the largest LinkedIn, Twitter and Discord Intune communities.

IT is not just Jannik's profession; it's his passion. He spends significant time outside of work learning and experimenting with new technologies. Jannik blogs on jannikreinhard.com or speak on events about it.

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Azure OpenAI in Action

- 7 min read-Jannik Reinhard
Dive into the exciting world of Azure Open AI! This article breaks down how Microsoft is changing the game with AI, making it super user-friendly for businesses. Learn how you can start and what use cases will have high benefits.