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Giuliano is an Office Development MVP and specialist in Microsoft technologies for software design and development. He loves to collaborate with the community, Giuliano has passed several Microsoft certification exams and achieved the following certifications: MCSD SharePoint Applications, MCSD Web Applications, MCP, Microsoft Specialist Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3 Specialist.
In his free time, Giuliano loves to play and explore new technologies.

Published by Giuliano De Luca

How to Create Charts in Microsoft SharePoint Lists

- 5 min read-Giuliano De Luca
In this article you'll learn how to transform a normal SharePoint list into a cool chart. I'll drive you in every step to implement an existing open-source solution that leverages the capabilities of list views and columns formatting to bring amazing charts to life on SharePoint pages. Learn to take SharePoint data and display charts as vertical bars, circle (doughnut) charts, mixed vertical bars, pie charts, horizontal bar charts and line charts.

How to Create an Interactive Map in Microsoft SharePoint Lists

- 9 min read-Giuliano De Luca
Learn how to take advantage of List View Column formatting in order to create an interactive map. Full source code is included on GitHub along with a video it you want to see how to build this in a SharePoint list.

How to Use AI in Power Automate aka Copilot

- 5 min read-Giuliano De Luca
AI (Copilot) is now integrated in Power Automate and takes working with the editor in Power Automate to the next level. The new AI-powered designer increases usability and accelerates productivity. You can now navigate your flow using a mini map. In this article and video, I'll show you all the new capabilities.

How to Use AI in Power Apps (Copilot)

- 8 min read-Giuliano De Luca
AI is now fully embedded in Power Apps. With this last addition by Microsoft, it has never been easier to create a new app using AI (Copilot). Learn how to pick from dozens of starting points that help you describe the purpose and the goal of your app, making it possible to start from a solid structure which will minimize your time.

How to Create a People Picker in Power Apps

- 6 min read-Giuliano De Luca
In this article and video tutorial, you’ll learn how to create in a few minutes a People Picker in Power Apps

How to Use Avatars for Microsoft Teams

- 4 min read-Giuliano De Luca
This article and video show you how to use Avatars for Microsoft Teams for when you want to represent yourself in a meeting without appearing on camera. Learn how to create, duplicate, and configure your avatars, choosing the body, face, hair, appearance, and wardrobe that best suit your needs.

How to Turn on Pronouns in Microsoft 365 [he, him, she, her, they]

- 4 min read-Giuliano De Luca
Pronouns are the words we use to replace someone's name in a sentence, such as “he,” “she,” or “they” in English. The ability to allow people in your organization to display their pronouns on the profile card is OFF by default for your tenant. If elected, after you have turned pronouns ON, it is optional for users to add pronouns to their profile. Pronouns will be shown next to the name in the top section of the profile card in Outlook on the web and Teams. Pronouns will be visible to everyone in your organization.