Elevating SharePoint Security with Enhanced Deletion Indicators

March 22, 2024
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As someone deeply committed to ensuring the security and integrity of your organization's data, any update that promises to enhance our risk management capabilities naturally piques my interest. Recently, I came across news that left me both impressed and eager for its implementation – Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management is set to introduce improvements to the indicators for "Deleting of SharePoint files/folders".

Picture this scenario: you're diligently monitoring our SharePoint environment, ensuring that critical files and folders remain safeguarded against any unauthorized access or deletion. While our current indicators do a commendable job of flagging permanent deletions, there's always been a lingering concern about files or folders being moved to the recycle bin, potentially slipping under the radar. But fret not, because Microsoft Purview is stepping up to the challenge.

With this forthcoming rollout, your Insider Risk Management system will not only capture permanent deletions but also track files and folders that have been moved to the recycle bin. This means a more comprehensive view of activity within your SharePoint environment, giving us greater insight into potential risks or anomalies. It's a proactive approach to data protection that aligns perfectly with your organization's commitment to security.

What's particularly reassuring is that no action is required from our end to implement these improvements. The rollout is scheduled to begin early April 2024 and should be completed by late April 2024, seamlessly integrating into your existing workflow without any disruption. However, it's worth noting that you may want to consider adjusting the thresholds of respective indicators based on your activity and alert volumes, ensuring you strike the right balance between vigilance and efficiency.

Microsoft Purview Insider Risk Management serves as a vital tool in our arsenal, correlating various signals to identify potential insider risks such as data leakage or security violations. By enabling us to create policies tailored to our specific governance and organizational requirements, it empowers us to stay one step ahead in safeguarding our data assets. And with privacy considerations built into its very foundation, we can rest assured that your users' privacy remains protected.

For those eager to delve deeper into the capabilities of Insider Risk Management, the solution is readily accessible through the Microsoft Purview compliance portal. It's an invaluable resource for configuring policy indicators and gaining a deeper understanding of our risk landscape.

As we look ahead to the rollout of these enhancements, I find myself filled with optimism about the strengthened safeguards they'll provide for our organization's data. With Microsoft Purview leading the charge, I'm confident that we're well-equipped to navigate the ever-evolving landscape of data security with confidence and resilience.

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Rene Vlieger

Rene Vlieger

As a Microsoft 365 consultant, Microsoft MVP and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), I spend my days immersed in the world of cloud technology, assisting organizations on their transformative journey. My passion lies in enhancing productivity, fortifying governance, ensuring compliance, bolstering security measures, and fostering seamless adoption of new technologies.

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