Curtis Norman

Curtis is an accomplished healthcare analytics professional who enjoys solving complex problems utilizing data-driven methodologies. Curtis has done work for many hospitals and medical groups across the United States. His passion for healthcare was inspired by clinicians who attended to his daughter who was born prematurely, only weighing 1 lb 13 oz at birth. He is a vocal supporter of the Microsoft Ecosystem and effectively utilizes the Microsoft analytics suite in his daily work. Curtis is a well-respected Udemy Instructor who has created courses on various healthcare-related subjects including SQL, Finance, and healthcare data. His courses include – Intro to SQL using Healthcare Data, 101 Practice SQL Questions: Basic to Advanced, and Healthcare Revenue Cycle and Finance. During his leisure time, Curtis enjoys spending quality moments with his family and dog in the outdoors.

Published by Curtis Norman

6 Steps to Synchronize SharePoint With File Explorer

- 4 min read-Curtis Norman
To get the most out of SharePoint, it's important to be able to access and manage your files directly from your local computer. Learn how to connect Microsoft SharePoint to File Explorer by using OneDrive, allowing you to easily access, edit, and share files with your team and organization.

5 Steps to Synchronize Microsoft Teams with File Explorer

- 4 min read-Curtis Norman
Microsoft Teams facilitates various functions. Some of these functions include instant messaging, video conferencing and file sharing. This article offers step-by-step instructions to set up synchronization between Microsoft Teams and File Explorer. You can use this to improve collaboration and file sharing with others using Microsoft Teams.