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Audrey Workman is an experienced analytics professional with a deep love for data, design, storytelling, collaboration, and solving complex problems in healthcare. She is an expert in data visualization and translating data into actionable insights to improve business performance. She graduated from Brigham Young University with a degree in microbiology and University of Minnesota with a master's degree in healthcare administration. 

Published by Audrey Workman

Seven Data Transformations in Power BI

- 4 min read-Audrey Workman
Learn about seven types of data transformations that everyone should know how to do in Power BI using Power Query editor. These tips will help you lower risk from manual clean-up efforts and efficiently prepare data for analysis and visualization.

Make a Decision: Comparing Power BI vs. Excel in Data Analysis

- 3 min read-Audrey Workman
This article compares and contrasts functionality of Excel vs. Power BI in data analysis, focusing on considerations involving data size, complexity, collaboration and sharing, data visualization, and ease of use.

Zero to Hero: A Beginner's Guide to Power BI

- 7 min read-Audrey Workman
Learn how to connect to data, transform it, create table relationships, build a report, analyze data visualizations and publish dashboards using Power BI, Microsoft's business intelligence tool.